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I have been married to the most incredible man for 18 YEARS! We have three beautiful, amazing children who I have centered my whole life around at the moment. We live by both of our families and love spending time with them. Sometimes I feel like I am a "Big City" girl trapped in a "Little City" body, but Idaho Falls has grown on me in the past few years that we've lived here and I have many wonderful friends here!

Nov 11, 2008

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Oct 18, 2008

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Sep 22, 2008

Bye bye Nelson Happenings...

I have some sad news...It is the first day of Autumn...Can you say D-E-P-R-E-S-S-E-D??? and on top of it all, I can not find my "LAYOUT" tab on my blog!! It has changed from Layout to Template and I don't know what to do with a "Template" tab??????????????????
I have been on the blogger website to try to find out the reason and how to fix it, have done what they say unsuccessfully....and I can no longer stand it and have decided to print this blog off and to make a new one!! I had no idea that all of the extras were some of the things that I loved about blogging! I am super sad to say good-bye to this first year of blogging-but have a feeling that this new blog will only bring better and greater things for my blogging experience!! I will keep all of you bloggers and blogger readers posted on my new address and exciting new adventures! If any of you have had this happen to you...please let me know what you did to make it right!!! We are leaving for Disneyland on Friday and so I will have a week to simmer down before I decided to make the move permanent and if I can salvage this one...that is what I would prefer!! HELP! See you all on the other side of my very anticipated vacation!!! Love ya all!

Sep 1, 2008

Quentin #12!!!!!

Am I old enough to have a 12 year old??? On August 29th, we had a really simple evening celebrating Quentin's 12th Birthday. He only wanted one thing for his birthday and so we got him this huge Lego star wars ship that he wanted and then he had one friend and Grandma's and Grandpa come over for dinner and cake and ice cream. He requested Stromboli for dinner which was easy and Chocolate cake! YUMO! He was so happy all day. He just had a huge smile on his face whenever I saw him. That morning, I asked him how everyone was going to know that it was his birthday because all of his friends have gone to the other middle school and he said that he didn't think anyone would know. I told him that I would have to come and hang a balloon from his locker and he immediately said NO WAY!!! He is in Middle School now-I should have known. The other night I was at a Back to School Night with the Stake Presidency and the Stake President told the kids that some of them might be older spirits than their parents. I totally feel that way about Quentin. He has always been so wise and mature for his age. I feel like he has an old soul. I just love him and the joy that he brings to our family! He keeps all of us on the right track!

Happy Birthday SON!!!

Back to School

7th Grade
Back to School was sad but always fun too. As I mentioned in an earlier post, this year was bitter sweet for all of us-but here are the kids pictures before their first day! Quentin entered into middle school in 7th grade and Calli is now in 4th and Mack started Kindergarten. What great kids we have! It was fun to send them off-but sad too. The little kids are no longer bused with the cut backs this year and so we have to walk to school in the morning. Mack started in AM class, but the next day, I found that I could switch him to afternoon and I am so glad that I did!
I love it!!! He hasn't loved it so much so far. I guess that he just needs to get used to it. One day, Jeff took him to see what he would do because he had been crying for me everytime. He didn't cry for Jeff and so when I was walking Mack home that day I asked him why he cries for me and not for dad and he said "Okay I will cry for dad too!" I can't win...!
4th Grade


(I tried to get him to do a "k" in sign language...)

Aug 19, 2008

In Mourning!

We are in mourning around our house this week! School starts and none of us can hardly stand it!!!!!!!!!! I usually can't wait for the kids to get started, but this year is different. It may be because there are too many milestones this year with Mack going to Kindergarten and Quentin starting Middle School (NOOOOOOOOO!!) Above is a picture of Quentin getting his locker and figuring out how to lock and unlock it at registration!!! He's sooo big now! On top of those things, we have had such a great summer! We especially have had a great last few weeks. Here are a few things that we have been doing......And then keep reading so that you can see my Chicago Post too :-)
The Night of August 1st, I went with a bunch of my friends to go to the release of the new Stephenie Meyer book Breaking Dawn to finish the Twilight series. It was such a fun night! We started at Outback for Dinner and then finished the night at Barnes and Noble to see quite a few strange people that were dressed Vampiry and a little weird, but I suppose some later 20's and early 30's gals looked a little weird in our Edward and Jacob t-shirts too...but who cares! So great! I was showing some of the pictures to my cousin down in Utah and she said that she thought I had the cutest friends and I really do-look how cute they all are! What a fun, crazy night! Thanks girls!

We went down to Utah for a few days to go to family reunion.

It was fun to see everyone again. I got to get caught up with my cousin Julie who I roomed with at Ricks.
It is always fun to see her.
I also love this picture of my Grandpa with Mack being a Pirate.

When we left Utah, we also left our two oldest to stay with Jon's clan for a week. It was so much fun to let them do that and they were so excited to do so. They did lots of fun stuff while they were there. They went to Thanksgiving Point a couple of times, Jump Around, swimming at their grandmas, etc. They had a ball. Joe brought them back to Idaho Falls for us (Thanks Joe) and they stayed for a couple of days. Jon followed later that weekend with his Family and so we had a party all weekend long!

Sara called on Saturday and decided last minute that she would drive for 13 hours with her 4 small children to visit and we had such a great time with her and her children. Thank you so much Sara for making such a great effort to get here so that we could see you! I just loved it!!!

Olivia, Mack, and Joshy

Quentin and Calli at the Splash Park in Rexburg Sam on the Swing-cheesin'
Michael and son
Emily on the slide
Baby Kevin-ADORABLE!!!!
We said good-bye to Idaho Falls last weekend to go and visit our friends in Boise. Jeff went back with us for the first time since we left a few years ago and we had sooo much fun. We did Back to School clothes shopping and went swimming, Cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory (I know-I am obsessed!) and just a lot of fun visiting with Justin and Valerie! Love you guys!!! Thank you so much for being the bestest friends anyone could have! On our way home, we drove by the Twin Falls Temple and went to the Shoshone Falls for a little while. It was a great ending to an even greater SUMMER!! Boo Hoo-it's over. I am glad for a routine again but I will never forget the summer of 2008!

School Clothes fashion show w/ Calli and Taeya

Jeff and the kids at the Falls in Twin


Aug 13, 2008



It has taken me forever to post this blog-but I have been so excited to do so! Jeff and I took a little break together and went to Illinois for a few days. He had a business trip there and so we went a few days before to enjoy some time just the two of us. It was amazing!
Here's what we did...
19th of July

We flew into Chicago, rented our PT Cruiser and drove to Jeff's Grandmas home where we spent a couple of days there with her. It was so much fun to watch Jeff with his Grandma and to enjoy some time there with her. She of coarse would have liked to have seen the kids-but I hope that she was able to enjoy the time that we spent with her. She is an amazing woman. Jeff's grandpa passed away in December and because of Jeff's dad's passing the day before, we were unable to attend the funeral for Grandpa. Jeff has a special spot in his heart for his grandparents. He would often come and spend some of his summers with them and has a lot of memories tied up in their home with them. It was fun to have him take me around and remember a lot of things that happened there including learning how to swim, loosing teeth, getting in an accident with grandpa's car one summer, etc. We went to Ice cream every night and spent most of the time with Craig and Sue too. We are so grateful for the time that we were able to spend with our Illinois family! We love you guys!

One thing that I loved before we went to the city while at his grandma's house were my own memories that came flooding back of my own childhood. I have been back to the Midwest quite a few times since I moved from Indiana but it seems that so much was going on, or that I was preoccupied with taking care of children, etc. that I didn't take the time to breathe and remember. Driving along the corn fields, all of the red barns and beautiful farms that are so well kept, etc. The grass is so green and people don't even have sprinkler systems! One night we sat at grandmas window and watched a lightning bug light show. I had missed them so much. Jeff's family thought I was weird, but I sure enjoyed it. We went on a walk one night in the dark and we heard the cicadas chirping, saw the fireflies, and heard quite a few bull frogs by a small pond. It was like heaven on Earth for me to remember those sights and sounds from my childhood. One thing that I do not miss however is the humidity. Oh what it did to my HAIR! My skin was nice, but my hair was out of control!!!! The third day I was there, I finally gave up and did my hair curly (which it is naturally more curly than I thought) from there on out!
JULY 21st

After saying a tearful goodbye to the family, Jeff and I ventured on to the Big City! I could hardly stand it driving the 45 minuted to get there! I was so excited to be there and do the things on our agenda. We stayed at the Chicago Hilton which is right where we could be center to everything! It was a beautiful hotel and everyone was so nice to us. The concierge got to know us very well! We were constantly asking questions of where things were, how to get somewhere, the cost of things, etc. I LOVED Chicago! I soaked up every minute of it! I had been there a couple of times as a kid, but not like this! I have to admit, one of my favorite things about being there was the "traveling Jeff". I have never met him before! Those who know Jeff know how shy he is and pretty timid for the most part to talk to people he doesn't know, etc. Now that he travels all of the time, I was able to see him in action as he talked to anyone, went out of his way to ask directions, or have someone explain things to him, hail a cab, whatever!
It was so fun to see him like that!
The first night we were there, we just went down to the Navy Pier and just hung there the whole night. We rode on the Ferris wheel, we ate hot dogs (not a common thing for me), got ice cream, played miniature golf, and shopped. It was a very fun night. We walked to our Hotel that night and got to see a lot of the sights at night.

JULY 22nd

The next day was our only full day there and boy was it FULL!! We got up that morning and took our time finding this great restaurant that we had been recommended to go to called
Lou Mitchelle's. It was worth the hike that we had to take to get there. It was a lot of fun. While we were waiting, they brought us donut holes and Milk Duds to eat as a teaser. It was a fun little Diner feel. A great way to start the day. Afterwards, we had had our fill of walking so we decided to catch the trolley which took us more time than it would have to get to the museum which was our next stop. Jeff loves museums and I wanted to do something that he wanted to because I was making him go to a Broadway show that night. We went to the Field museum and it was so interesting and extremely HUGE. We could not have seen everything even if we had been there for 6 HOURS! When we were done there, we walked again back to our hotel to change and get ready for our evening outing. We were going to go see WICKED! A dream come true for me to go and see a Broadway show! I got to ride in my first Cab ride to dinner first at the Cheesecake Factory-my fav place to eat and get dessert and then we hurried to the Oriental Theatre to see our show. Words cannot describe what an amazing production it was and how I felt being there with Jeff, seeing this show and feeling exactly-even more-how I knew I would feel to be there! INCREDIBLE!!!! Jeff even liked it a lot. He even let me listen to the soundtrack in the car the whole time while we were driving around! That is a night that I would relive anytime!!! Even after we walked back to the Hotel, we hopped in our car and drove around to see some other stuff, and find the route to the airport for me the next day.

JULY 23rd

Bitter sweet would be the words to describe how I felt leaving Chicago. I was excited to go home and rescue my mom and dad who so generously kept our kids for us while we were gone, but I was so sad to leave Jeff and to leave the CITY! It would have made things easier if he didn't have to stay for work for a few more days. Wednesday, he went to work that morning and I took my time getting ready and packing to leave. I then walked my way one more time to the convention center all by myself to meet Jeff for one last meal! (Can you tell that I was sad to leave?) We got some Chicago Pizza and we said our good-byes! You would have thought that we were saying goodbye forever! It was pretty pathetic watching us probably-but we had had such a great time! Good-bye Chicago-but hello to new memories. I can live off of that one for a long time!